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Naret is the breathtaking alpine area located at the foot of the "Pizzo Cristallina," a mountain in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland), at approximately 2300 meters above sea level. This scenic region’s numerous lakes and streams are the source of the Maggia River, whose waters flow down the valley to Lake Maggiore (Locarno). Lake Naret is situated at the crossroads of several important pathways that connect the Sambuco, Peccia, Bedretto, and Bavona valleys. In ancient times, these routes were frequented by the local Celtic population, and, nowadays, they are a favorite destination for tourists who want to enjoy hiking in the Swiss Alps.

The clear and pure spring water that flows into Lake Naret is a metaphor for the transparency and the expertise of the highly qualified and experienced professionals of the Naret Group. At the same time, the mountains represent the elements upon which the Naret Group’s business model is based and how these elements become cornerstones on which our values are anchored.

The Solidity

such as our more than ten-year history and our extensive expertise based on long and successful professional experience

The peace of mind

that our clients benefit from thanks to the security we convey to them

The Freedom

that results from delegating personal problems and their optimal resolution to a trusted partner

The Eternity

that symbolizes the lasting relationship with our clients

The Summit

that is conquered with the achievement of the goal

The horizon

that represents the journey taken together and the ongoing support we provide to our clients

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With our presence in Locarno we are in close contact with our Clients in Ticino. In addition, thanks to the experience of our staff, we assist Clients throughout Switzerland and are dedicated to projects of an international nature.